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This NEW BOOK Reveals How to

Build Success From Scratch 

The Stories in the Book will Empower Women Around the World

Become an International Author to a Best Seller with Amazing Women Around the World Of a Brand New Book To Build Success From Scratch 

+ Many Women Experience Struggles in Life and Need Words of Inspiration, Steps, & Guidance on How to Start From Scratch to Help Them Keep Going No Matter What ...

Do you have a story that will transform and help a women around the world to build success from strach? If so, you must join today because we will touch many lives around the globe.
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The 100 Most Successful Women Network Is The Fastest Growing Organization For Women Entrepreneurs Around the World.

Do you want to be part of the 100 Most Successful Women Around the World family?

Women Around the World Need to Know How to Build Success From Scratch together let's walk them through how to start from zero.

In this book you will share the absolute tips and tricks that will help other women entrepreneurs who are struggling just like you did, and inspire them to turn their mess into a success story just like yours.

  • Share your untold story to inspire women struggling in life and in business

  • Many women don't know how to take their mess into a business idea

  • Buckle up and grow your visibility by helping many women around the world

  • Women need to know life has bumpy roads and that there are always new beginning 

Yes! I Want To Become an International Author

You pay only $300

"This Book Will Have Super Powers!"

Every Women's Story Has the Power to Transform Lives

Meet Three Phenomenal Women Who Took Their Mess and Turned it Into a Business Idea to Inspire, Transform, and Empower Women Around the World

Maria Rene Davila

"The only limitations you have are the ones you place on yourself."

Maria Rene Davila started her entrepreneurship life at 17 years old and no one took her seriously. Her mom had to go with her to sign contracts and pick up checks. With time she expanded her business to a 500 Fortune company but her challenges grew as well with delayed client payments. She had to start from Zero one more time creating her new passion the 100 Most Successful Women Around the World Organization. For over 14 years, she has helped companies start, grow, and succeed in local/global markets. Maria is also the CEO of the Global Trade Chamber, an international chamber.

100 Most Successful Women Around the Wolrd

Prof. Caroline Makaka

Featured on The Billboard At New York Times Square

"Quitters never win, and winners never quit. Keep going no matter what obstacles comes your way."

Professor Caroline Makaka is the Founder/President: Ladies of All Nations International (LOANI) Creator. She began her entrepreneurship career in 2017 with her prestigious platform LOANI. Immigrating as an orphan from Africa to London, UK, for university study, she soon discovered the need to empower women and help those in need. In the past 4+ years LOANI has grown from zero countries to 189 countries with over 15,000 members, beginning with the UK. LOANI supports World Leaders, Beautiful Survivors, Young People, Women Empowerment Programs, and Charity Projects for Widows and Orphans.

Ladies of All Nations, Certified World Record Holder Organization and was selected as The Best Global Community Organization of the Year

Dr. Angelica Benavides (Dr. B.)

"Greatness is a lifelog mission. Dreate a mission to serve millions, and gently with love, shake the world."

Dr. Angelica Benavides, known as the Ultimate Legacy Builder and Dr. B. She turn what she once hated that is writing into one of her passions and global business. She has been dedicated to helping people write and become successful published writers. Dr. B takes people from great ideas and stories to published book. Dr. B is the founder of B-Global Publishing which is a prestigious fast-growing private company. 

B-Global Publishing, Fastest Growing Private Business

Let Me Give You A Sneak Peek 

See what else you get besides becoming an international author

    Share your untold story : Inspire Others

  • Inspire hope so other women never give up no matter what the circumstances they are living

  • Give other women a new belief where they say, "If she can do it, so can I."

  • Women will gain a sense of belonging and gives them oppotunity to join a community 

  • Brings women from all levels and disciplines together to understand different perspectives and find common ground

  • Yes! I Want To Become an Internatioal Author

    You pay only $300.00

    Media Opportunities: Get on Other People's Platforms

  • Become comfortable with using others' platform - Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. as way to drive content

  • Choose your platforms carefully by knowing where your content is shared

  • Grow your visibility and connections with other leaders and entrepreneurs you trust 

  • Discover many media opportunity on other women's platforms such as podcast, TV, masterminds, events, etc.

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    You pay only $300

    Speaking Engagements: Public Speaking

  • Become an author to gain more visibility to book gigs .

  • Establish a following of readers through online forums, social media, participating in collaborative book projects, etc. 

  • Find awesome speaking opportunities through the connection you make in this community

  • Write a chapter and a book to watch your paid public speaking soar

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    You pay only $300

    Grow Your Business: Cross Promote

  • Grow strong relationships and build strong partnerships 

  • Explore ways or send co-promotional emails to grow your business

  • Set up affiliate programs to support each other using the win-win method

  • Host partnership events through community building

  • Yes! I Want To Become an International Author

    You pay only $300

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Turn Your Mess Into a Story That Transforms Lives

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Yes! I Want To Become an International Author

You pay only $300.00

You Must Be Wondering What's The Book Like?

Well, this book will be in 3 formats that is Ebook, softcover, and hardcover book.

Here're Other Opportunities That You Get When You Participate in this Book Today!

Women Annual Convention London: August 24-28, 2022

We will launch the book in London. For five days, you will have the opportunity to meet with extraordinary people and will receive an intensive training on how to grow your business. During the convention will be awarding 100 successful women around the world. The 100 Successful Women in Business Conference & Expo is a multicultural event with a mission to bring together successful women. This is a great time to connect and learn from top female leaders.

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Successful Women in business: International Magazine

Be part of an International Magazine - "Strong women aren't simply born, they are made by the storms they walk through." This special edition, in celebration of International Women's Month. Grab your copy for FREE! You just have to register here: 

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Success Stories: Livestream

You can be featured in Success Stories Livestream to inspire thousands of people around the world 

Watch Success Stories

So...What's The Catch?

I know there are some websites or businesses that offer you something "too good to be true". Well, this isn't one of those websites. We are offering this because we genuinely want you to succeed with the book collaboration, and you will take it's advantage to grow your business. 

  • Create strong relationships

  • Network to grow your business

  • Cross promote to gain more visibility and exposure

  •  Write to heal your old wounds and other women waiting for your story

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Join the Book Collaboration!

Turn Your Mess Into a Story That Transforms

I'd like to be part of this collaboration book.

Yes! I Want To Become International Author

You pay only $300.00

But Hey, Don't Take Our Word For It!

See others phenomenal women who joined the first book collaboration series and loved the experience...

What Are The Results...

Do you want to replicate the same results other successful women have for their business?

  • This book can take you from where you are right now to where you want to be in a very short span of time

  • Become an international author and gain more visibility

  • Make strong connections, network, and cross promote

  • Yes! I Want To Become an International Author

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