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ED Matadores: Revolutionizing Educational Systems

Join Dr. Donna Vallese, Dr. Angelica Benavides , and other phenomenal visionary and educational leaders in a book collaboration. 

We need your stories if you have successfully transformed any part of this monstrous educational system…


   ⦿Assistant superintendents





  ⦿Community-Based Organizations

Do you want to revolutionize the educational system to empower and prepare learners to build a sustainable global society?

Ed Matadores: Revolutionizing Educational Systems will be a series of narratives written by educational leaders who have successfully transformed any part of the enormous educational system to create successful outcomes for students. This collection of success stories will lead to strategic ways to inform lawmakers and departments of education to help dismantle ineffective structures and replace them with systems that support the innovation that is necessary to support the types of learning that will support our upcoming global citizens in our schools. This first book will lead to a series of other books with each chapter being a new theme in the series.

School Leaders

Principals and Vice-Principals in schools across the country are leading the way in finding innovative ways to meet the needs of their students while breaking the boundaries the system has put into place. Those boundaries must be broken and their stories must be told. This is where transformation takes place and is the place where we must be looking to understand the changes that need to take place systematically.

District Leaders

Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, and Directors at the district level of schools have to pave the way for schools to have the safety to break the systemic boundaries that are not helping students. These stories are critical to transforming our educational system because they tell us where the unnecessary constraints are that must be let go of at a higher level.

State and National Leaders

Consultants, Educational Organizations, and other Educational Leaders are also making a difference in education in various ways as well. Some are community based organizations, some are consultants supporting schools and districts, and others may be helping to change legislation or regulations to allow further innovation to take place to meet the needs of more students. All of these stories are part of the equation to making lasting change to the enormous educational system.

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It's Time to Put Our Collective Successful Stories in One Place!

Our needs in a globalized society have changed dramatically, not just in the last century but even more so in the last decade. Schools have not kept up nor have they even had a chance to because of the endless unfunded mandates imposed by lawmakers who know nothing about teaching and learning. In addition, short sighted regulations by departments of education keep us stuck to old Carnegie units and other outdated practices that suppress true innovation and promote tweaking old models and just so we can rename them as something new.

  • Generate a force of innovative educational leaders who will no longer settle for less for their students and teachers.

  • Become an international author gain authority to establish a following of readers

  • Discover new media and technology that give opportunities such as podcast, TV, masterminds, events, etc.

  • Connect with educators from all levels and disciplines to find common ground and build strong relationships

  • Write a book chapter to open doors in the speaking industry

  • Participate in one of the fastest growing platforms in the world

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Mission - Educational leaders will create a comprehensive collective that generates a cohesive roadmap to inform lawmakers and departments of education exactly what must be done to ensure districts and schools can meet the needs of every student in their care.

Vision - Educational Leaders will revolutionize education to pave the way for innovative, research-based practices to take over the narrative of how teaching and learning happens in the United States to ensure that every student can reach their full potential in this global society.

Goal and Objectives

  • Collect the stories of educational leaders who have change the educational system at various levels to make a positive impact on student outcomes

  • Provide collaborative think tanks, conferences, and other opportunities for educational leaders to collaborate with other educational leaders across the country to spread their ideas and work

  • Ensure that lawmakers and departments of education engage in discourse on how to transform the educational system in meaningful ways

  • Meet the Founders:

    The Visionaries for Revolutionizing the Educational System

    Become an Ed. Matador

    Dr. Donna Vallese

    Dr. Donna Vallese has been an educator for over 2 decades,

    is a TEDx and international speaker, an international bestselling author, and awardee of the 2022 Education 2.0 Outstanding Leadership Award. She is currently the Director of Learning & Continuous Improvement of Greene Central School District and is also the CEO of Inspiring Leaders LLC where she facilitates a global network of educational leaders and coaches instructional leaders. She has experience working at the classroom, school, district, state and university levels in education in urban, charter, and rural public schools. Work for

    Dr. Donna has always been focused on innovative practices that create equity for children so that they can reach their fullest potential. Colleagues have often called her the teacher whisperer because she has a way of turning challenges into opportunities and provides support for continuous growth to get teachers on board with transformative practices. She is passionate about effective and research-based teaching and learning practices that hone in on how students learn rather than just implementing what is easy. 

    To learn more about the work she has been engaged in, you can visit: https://www.inspiringleadersllc.com/about/about-dr-donna or follow her on Linked-In https://www.linkedin.com/in/donnavallese/ 

    Dr. Angelica Benavides

    Dr. Angelica Benavides is known as Dr. B., she inspires women worldwide to share their stories. 

    You have a special talent, a gift to be shared that will impact and have an influence on those it touches. Storytelling is an important social aspect of life, and your life should be remembered.

    She is a Badass Influencer, an Ultimate Legacy Builder, A World-Class Storyteller & Best Selling Author and Publisher. Dr. B, increases visibility, exposure, and influence helping entrepreneurs be all they can be.

    Dr. B’s, [Angélica Benavides (Underwood) Ed.D.] story is being written and shared worldwide by the exposure in the Women's World Conference and Awards. She has been featured on NBC, USA Today, Fox, and recognized as an Amazing Women of Influence. She shared a Global Virtual Stage with Forbes Riley, Bill Walsh, Ragne Sinkas, and Dr. Freddy Behin.

    What Are The Results...

    Do you want to replicate the same results other successful educational leaders have for their schools?

  • Revolutionary Reform at Local and National Level

  • Establishing Innovative Systems to Change Students Learn in our Schools--Meeting the Need of All Students

  • Creating Stronger Relationships with all Stakeholders including Law Makers and Community Organizations

  • Identifying Ed Matadores who are the bullfighters wanting to partake in the dance to take the lead

  • Yes! I Want To Become an International Author

    You pay only $350

    “To Be A Revolutionary You Have to Be a Human Being. You have to care about people who have no power.” 

    by Jane Fonda

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